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Amazon Japan

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The Largest ecommerce Platform in the World and in Japan 

Amazon Alexa

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Amazon Points

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Search Team

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Kindle Team

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Interview Process

Amazon Japan does ultimately is looking for a person with strong understanding of Computer Science Fundamentals. As such, your preferred programming stack does not matter

Open Application & Screening

Application to Amazon Japan will be an open application, in which your CV is sent to the HR Manager and there will be CV Screening.

If you pass the screening, Amazon will decide which team is good for your based on the interview process

Interview with Manager

The first interview will be often over Zoom or Onsite with one of the managers or senior staff. 

The first half of the interview will be discussing your background, while the latter will be a technical deep dive

Loop Interview

Once you pass the first interview, you will be invited to the Final interview, which will be the Loop interview.

Loop interview is a 5-6 hour back-to-back interview, where you will be talking with 2-3 diffrent team members and ending the interview with the HR. 

Working Enviroment

Japanese Online Retail Market Share


Japanese Online Retail Market Share

“Amazon is continuing to create many innovative services everyday.
Employees have culture that they change their success case to structure for others”

"Nice Company"

“Amazon is such a great company. Everyone can work full remotely, so it is very helpful who has to care their children. Also, employee can buy anything if it is necessary for their development of skills. Coworkers are very kind and friendly. It is a best place to work!”

"Perfect company for Engineers"

Amazon is also a great company that expands its business incredibly (Alexa, delivery, Amazon fresh, Amazon payment etc.) and there are many working opportunities with them now and for the following years.

"We are always day one"

Amazon Vs. Other Tokyo MNCs

The below graph shows a simple comparison between Amazon and other MNCs in Tokyo, like and Rakuten