#1 job site in the world



Indeed.com is the #1 job site in the world with over 250 million unique visitors every month






Jobs added per second globally




Indeed was acquired by a Japanese company called Recruit Holdings, thus making Indeed technically a Japanese company. As such, they have been growing at an impressive speed, growing from only 20 people in 2014 in Tokyo to now having over 800 people in Tokyo

Silicon Valley Startup Culture

The culture is like a silicon valley startup culture. Fast-paced, open, and performance-based environment.

Great Work-life balance

With unlimited vacation days, flex-time, and inclusive culture, Indeed has great work-life balance

A company with a mission

Indeed is progressive in many senses, with goals like inclusive working enviroment and improving people’s lives. 



Browse through the available job postings from Indeed at the bottxom of this page. Please submit your CV and your CV will go into a CV Screening stage.

*Optional: In Japan, a cover letter is not a must, but if you can create one it will help with your chances of getting past the CV Screening.

Once you pass the CV Screening you will be invited for a technical round. This for roles like Software Engineer, Data Scientist, and so on will be a Whiteboard Coding test 

For roles like Product Manager, Project Manager and similar roles it will be a phone conversation with the engineering & hiring manager






Once passing the technical round, you will be in communication with anywhere from 5-8 diffrent people from Indeed ( engineering managers, hiring managers, product managers, etc).

This will happen from the video if you are outside of Japan will happen onsite if you are in Japan. Usually, this process is spread out into 2-3 sessions


What type of Visa will I and my family receive?

You will receive an engineering visa, which is often times valid for 3 years at which point the company will renew your Visa or you can apply for the permanent residency. 

Your family will receive a spousal visa, which allows work until 28 hours per week. If your family decides to work full time, then the relevant company will sponsor the relevant visa. 


How long does the interview process take?

It takes around 4 to 6 weeks from application start time to offer. Once you get an offer it takes around 3 to 4 weeks for the Visa to process. Once you receive a visa you can start work anytime, but most people take another 3 to 4 weeks to get settled, travel, and explore Japan.

What is the average salary?

The salary depends on the level of experience and how the interviewer perceives your abilities. Indeed.com pays one of the most competitive salaries in Tokyo.

With that being said, the average salary will be 10M to 20M JPY for Software Engineers, Product Manager, other related Individual Contributor positions. For Managers like Engineering Manager, Senior Program Manager, and other managerial roles the average salary will be between 15M to 25M JPY. On top of these salaries there will be stock options. For people who are making higher than this value, the company will be providing heavier stock options.

*M = Million


Why are they hiring outside of Japan?

One reason is because Indeed only hires from top universities and would rather hire the best talent regardless of the location.

Second reason is because of the culture. Indeed is highly multicultural and values diversity. With that being said they prefer people who have experience working in multicultural environment, ideally at one point having lived in English speaking countries. 

 Third reason is that Indeed works in English and it is difficult to find good English-speaking talent in Japan. 

Amazon Vs. Other Tokyo MNCs

The below graph shows a simple comparison between Amazon and other MNCs in Tokyo, like Indeed.com and Rakuten